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New Day Interview and Performance on Live In The D, Channel 4, Detroit

New Day Out Now.

New Day By Daryl Beebe

Smooth jazz saxophonist Daryl Beebe seeks to brighten your drab day with his single release, “New Day.” This composition is innovative, invigorating, and refreshing. You will tap your feet to the beat and dance to this energetic rendition.  

Daryl takes listeners on a journey of hope, inspiration, and joy. He demonstrates his instrumental diversity by performing on alto, tenor, and soprano sax. New Day is a must-have for your smooth jazz library. Each day is a gift. What are you going to do with it? Get inspired every day with New Day.  

Better Together is Out Now!

Behind the Music

UnMasked is a song with a multi-layered meaning.  When I was an African American history instructor at the high school level, I taught Paul Lawrence Dunbar’s poem, “We Wear The Mask.” Unmasked was inspired by the powerful poem and the devastation and social unrest many faced during Covid 19.  The poem “We Wear The Mask” described Black people feeling like they couldn’t be themselves but had to be what society wanted them to be.  

We often wear a “mask” when we are in spaces where we can not comfortably be ourselves. Because of the virus and social unrest in our country, we saw many take off their “masks “symbolically, and we found out who they were and what they believed.

The song itself has a mystical sound and feel. Wearing a mask has a mysterious element to it. Sometimes we can not recognize people until they take their “masks” off. Unmasked represents people feeling comfortable being themselves.

I hope you enjoy the single. Continue to smile with your eyes when you have your mask on and know that we are Better Together. God’s commandment is to love our neighbor as ourselves.

We Wear The Mask!
All the best,

Road Trip.